Our history:

Who are we?

Dextre, currently based in Nîmes, was created in 1988 in Noves in the Bouches du Rhône, by Ariel Riouah. It's a SASU since 2013 whose name means Development-Export -Trading- Research, but also reminds Dexterity that we put at the service of our customers. In antiquity, the right hand was a sign of auspiciousness, until today the gods of commerce have accompanied us.

In recent years, the company has moved to Nîmes, and is today at Kilometer Delta International Road Center, an area of ​​activity at the crossroads of several roads.

Over the years, Dextre has developed many activities and these are growing day by day. It currently has less than 10 employees working full time. Due to its size and activity, Dextre is in the category of Very Small Enterprises (TPE), part of the Sbib trend, coming from the Atlantic in recent years "Small Business Is Beautiful".

Who is its president?

Ariel Riouah - Dextre President

After 30 years of business, Ariel has dedicated his life to the world of entrepreneurship, designing, launching and implementing various ideas and transforming them into business successfully. Innovative business models where the customer is the center, Ariel Riouah is able to identify needs and opportunities that might go unnoticed by others. People who have had the pleasure of working with him describe him as a visionary motivated to make this world better and whose initiative inspires everyone around him.

The Dextre company first started in 1988 thanks to an import-export activity. It is still today the most important activity for the company by its share of turnover. It accounts for 75% of turnover. This import-export activity is particularly applicable to fluid transmission equipment (fittings, valves ...) with a specialization in fittings and industrial valves, watering equipment for the general public and professional irrigation equipment (parks and gardens). collectives, agriculture). 

The company imports these products from Asia, mainly from factories in China and Taiwan, but also from Israel, the United States and Italy, to then redistribute them to about twenty wholesalers, importers or manufacturers. 
The company's main foreign customers in the field of watering are located in Italy and Denmark. At the customer's request, the company can also act as an intermediary for outsourcing.

The key to its success lies above all in its know-how, namely a good knowledge of products and manufacturing factories through numerous site visits, favored by the team's multi-technical training. But the company also relies on a good mastery of the trade of importer and methods of international negotiation. Its specificity lies in the fact that there is no stock, it sells directly to the customer.

Thanks to the polytechnic training of the president, the company has the opportunity to invest areas that provide optimization of manufacturing and management processes such as organic chemistry (plastics, glues, solvents, paints, various polymers ...), the biology (seeds, germination, fertilizers, substrates, trace elements), computer science (all areas of management), fluid mechanics (automation), etc.

Visionary and precursor!

Dextre is a precursor company in its field and beyond, with innovative business models. Ariel, its leader, is visionary and demanding down to the smallest detail. Its logo, for example, created in 1988 is inspired by Möbius ribbon. At that time no known company had this symbol representing a ribbon (also called ring) with only one face. Today, decades later, a multitude of companies have followed Dextre's footsteps and take up this ribbon on their own. One might think that it is the sign of infinity that was created around 1655; but not John Wallis' sign or Jacques Bernoulli's lemnicaste are flat figures, which is not the case with the ribbon, which is a three-dimensional and transcendental figure. Would the designers of our fellow entrepreneurs have found it difficult to transcend? 😊

Dextre Möbius strip
Logo Dextre 1988 - Ribbon of Möbius